How to Select The Best Location For Your Outdoor Television

Bring your favorite entertainment outdoors by bringing your TV to the pool area, the patio, or the backyard. If you are is looking to make a TV a permanent fixture for outdoor living, the TV needs to be rated for outdoor use … meaning the TV displays have extra-bright panels and can fight off glare, resulting in a better picture under natural outdoor lighting conditions. So the first thing to do is invest in a 4K Ultra UD outdoor TV designed for the outdoor elements. And secondly would be to decide where to locate the TV in your outdoor setting. In this article we would like to give suggestion to follow when installing an outdoor television…


If you are going to the expense of installing an outdoor TV, make sure you install it in the best location. Many families install TV’s in outdoor spaces that they do not typically use because the wiring is already in that location. If you hire a professional AV technician they can take care of all the needed wiring and help you decide upon a location where the TV will be most convenient for entertaining your family and friends. They can also help with a suggestion about the size of TV that will be best suited for your area. Place the TV where the greatest number of people will be able to watch it. If you choose the right angle your friends and family throughout your patio, pool or backyard will be able to see the image. Also remember to place it high enough so you can see the image from various ares without other folks getting in the way.


Sound is something many people forget to consider when installing an outdoor TV. If you are choosing to install your TV in an enclosure or cabinet, the audio might be an issue. Even if you’re using a wall mount bracket, you’ll find it’s more challenging to hear a TV outdoors as it is indoors. This is because the sound is not contained, and there is more noise to contend with. Installing some outdoor speakers is a good solution. The sound can be directed towards your desired viewing position, thus allowing you to hear better. You may think to install speakers might create more noise for your neighbors; however, you’ll find the opposite to be true. With better quality sound you’ll be able to hear the TV at lower levels.


You television should be at least six feet from a variety of structures which could harm it or the image quality. Having the TV too close to a fireplace, a fire pit or an outdoor BBQ Grill could cause overheating. Make sure is is far enough away from the pool to avoid big splashes.


Outdoor TV enclosures are usually airtight and temperature controlled to provide maximum protection. If you experience extreme heat or cold conditions, it may be a good idea to install your TV in an enclosure, You may want to try to get away from the sun’s rays. Placing the TV in a shaded area like a porch or patio is a goo idea. It is best to mount the TV facing south this way the sun is never hitting your TV directly. Even thought you have purchased a 4K Ultra HD outdoor TV does not mean you shouldn’t choose a location for the TV in an area the will be protected form the elements with a roof . This will protect your TV from storms and direct sunlight. And it will also lengthen the lifespan and the viewing experience of watching the TV

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when installing an outdoor television. Take time to decide on the right solution and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.